Gapminder Cellphone Dataset Visualizations

This article contains 3 visualizations for the cellphone_per_100_people dataset from Below is the data table, you can search for a specific value by typing it in the box under the variable name.

Here I randomly selected one country — Brazil to observe its cellphone ownership per 100 people over time. Notice that in 2014, Brazil reached its peak of cellphone prevalence at an average of 1.38 phone per person. In 2019, the average ownership dropped down to around 1 phone per person.

2. For this second visualization, I selected the four countries that have the highest average cellphone ownership overtime, which are United Arab Emirates, Italy, Luxembourg and Finland. We can see from the chart that Finland was the first country among the four to adopt cellphones in the lates 80s. Around 50% of Finland’s population had a cellphone in the late 90s. UAE was the last country to reach around 1 phone per person but was leading in 2019 with an average of 2 phones per person.

3. In this third chart, I included all the countries from the dataset. You can select a country to see how its cellphone ownership changes overtime.

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